Big Ten Happy Hour recap, 2010 and plans for a better, bigger, more active group

  • February 19, 2010 7:27 AM
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    I wanted to relay my thoughts from a nice get together(Big 10 Happy Hour) last night at Upper Deck Sports Bar. Thanks to Amy Miller for getting the initial word out. Throughout the night, there were probably 30 people there, but we represented about 15. I had the chance to meet and talk with a lot of other great people from PSU.  Interestingly enough, most of them were NOT members of our alumni group! Why??? They didn't see the value of paying $25 a year! (and I've heard this from at least 10-20 people over the past 2 years...they just see no value to the group) They are all good people...they just want to interact more with other members. Not online, not at the football games at a bar, but truly get to know some other people and make friends.  I know and have participated in St Vincent De Paul, Road Clean up, Big 10 golf etc, but in my talking with them, I think there is a great oppportunity out there to bring in more members and have a more active group in the near future.   Many of us roll down the windows at stop lights if we see a PSU sticker on a car or stop people at the gym who have a Nittany Lions Tshirt to say "hi" and introduce ourselves. We have some very successful people here in the Valley who could really add a lot to our group and make it something that people look forward to (other than football season). Some ideas I heard last night...bowling night, more frequent Happy Hours at Avalon, softball team, charity work, etc. Also..making sure that we wear name tags at events that have our name, class year, and hometown. It gives everyone an opportunity to start a discussion and make a new friend.  These are just some of my thoughts and observations. I don't have all the answers, but would like to help make the group bigger and better. If interested, add your thoughts. Once again, thanks to Amy. Nice to see Lee, Rob, Debbie, Fara, Sue, Dave and others. Let's work on putting your great ideas into action.


    P.S. I can also forward a well thought out email from a former alumni member who had some great ideas.

    Chad C. Voithofer

    '89 Marketing

    Lambda Chi Alpha

  • April 19, 2010 9:07 PM
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    Tamara Zhilyaev (Administrator)
    I'm just seeing this now, but I was in on this discussion and there definitely needs to be some other interactive events for us to get people to not only join the chapter, but come to events. Communication is probably one of the biggest things. Emails, facebook messages, linkedin messages, a text chain if need be, just more talking between the members to get word out faster and more efficiently.

    The past few seasons, we have been blessed with a lot of Penn State games being televised, so, if we'd like a bigger turn out to the games, we need to have some incentive beyond a free buffet to come out. And sure, some people will always go just to watch the games, but it's always worth a shot to get some more people involved.

    When I moved to Arizona almost 3 years ago, the local Alumni Chapter was one of the first places I looked up. It was a great way for me to feel slightly less home sick and hang out with people who I had something in common with. There are so many young people in the valley and I know that we have some big company headquarters and branches here, so if there is some way for us to reach out to recent grads, via facebook, or if you work in one of these companies, try to bring in some fresh faces and also fresh ideas.

    Out of football season events like bowling, group trips to spring training/Dbacks games, etc are a great way for all of us to get together inexpensively and have a great time as a chapter. And these are also great family events too, so it's not limited to a potentially bar crowd come football season.

    Blue and White forever,

    Tamara Abromitis
    Telecomm, Class of '07
  • April 28, 2010 4:03 PM
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    please call me at 602-751-4236...I would like to talk with you further.

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