Section 1: Name

The name of this organization shall be The Penn State Alumni Association Greater Phoenix Chapter ("The Chapter"), a field organization of the Penn State Alumni Association ("Alumni Association").

Section 2: Mission

The Chapter is organized exclusively to promote, by organized effort, the interests and welfare of The Pennsylvania State University. In furtherance of this goal, The Chapter shall work to establish a network of close fellowship and cooperation among members of the Penn State family (alumni, parent; students, and friends) residing in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Through this network The Chapter shall endeavor to support and develop civic activities in the community, to assist the general Alumni Association, and to establish better understanding between the University and its former students. 


Section 1: Membership

Any graduate, former student, or friend of Penn State and their spouses are eligible to become members of The Chapter.

Section 2: Dues

Annual dues shall be charged to all members of The Chapter. The assessment shall be determined by The Board of Directors. 


Section 1: Officers

The officers of The Chapter shall consist of:

  1. President
  2. President-Elect
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Immediate Past-President.

All officers shall be current members of the Alumni Association.

Section 2: Board of Directors

  1. The Board of Directors ("The Board") shall consist of members from The Chapter.
  2. Committee Chairmen shall be current members of the Alumni Association.
  3. Ex officio members shall not be entitled to vote or hold office in The Chapter.

Section 3: Terms of Office

  1. Officers

    The term of office for the officers of The Chapter shall be twelve months, beginning in February of each year. Officers of The Chapter may be reelected to an unlimited number of terms, but shall in no instance serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office.

    The succession of office shall be as follows:

    The Treasurer, the Secretary, and the President-Elect are annually elected offices.

    The outgoing President-Elect succeeds to the Office of the Presidency.

    The outgoing President becomes the Immediate Past President.

  2. Committee Chairs

    The term of office for Committee Chairs shall be twelve months, beginning in February of each year. Committee Chairs may be reelected to an unlimited number of terms, but shall in no instance serve more that two consecutive terms in the same office.

  3. The Board

    The term of office for members of The Board shall be two years, with terms starting in the month of February. Members of The Board may be reelected to an unlimited number of terms

  4. Past Presidents

    A Past-President who is not elected to The Board, and so desires, may be an ex officio member of the board. They shall be non-voting members. The Immediate Past-President shall be a voting member of The Board as well as an Officer of The Chapter.

  5. The Executive Director of the Alumni Association

The Executive Director of the Alumni Association shall be a permanent ex officio member of The Board.

Section 4: Elections

  1. All Members in good standing, dues paid by end of October, shall be eligible to vote in Chapter elections.
  2. Any member of The Chapter may submit their name to be placed on the ballot for The Board.
  3. Candidates for the Executive Board shall be current members of The Alumni Association as well as The Chapter.
  4. Committee Chairs and the President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary shall be elected annually.
  5. One half of the members of The Board shall be elected annually.

Elections shall be held during the month of November and the results will be announced at the last regularly scheduled football game of the season. New officers shall be inducted in February of the following year.


Section 1: Duties of Officers

The duties of the officers shall be as set forth below and additional duties as assigned by the board.

  1. President

    The President shall preside at all Chapter meetings as Board Chair. Through the Secretary, The President shall be responsible for the calling of all regular and special meetings of The Chapter. The President shall certify all elections. Upon completion of one twelve month term in office, The President assumes the office of Immediate Past-President. The President shall be an ex officio member of all committees.

  2. President-Elect

    The President-Elect, in the absence or disability of the President, or at the President’s request, shall perform the duties of President. The President-Elect shall perform such additional duties as may be delegated by The President. Upon completion of one twelve month term in office The President-Elect, assumes the office of President. If the office of President becomes vacant, The President-Elect shall assume the duties of President and complete the unfilled term. This assumption of duties shall not alter the normal succession of office and upon completion of the unfilled President’s term they shall serve the normal twelve month term as President. The President-Elect shall be an ex officio member of all committees.

  3. Secretary

    The Secretary shall maintain the official copy of The Chapter's Constitution and past minutes of meetings of The Board. In addition, The Secretary shall forward a report all activities of The Chapter to the Executive Secretary of the General Alumni Association; shall send out all notices of meetings to members of The Chapter; shall keep complete records of all potential and inactive members of The Chapter; and shall secure a current list of General Alumni Members. This list shall be used only for Chapter and General Alumni Association activities, and shall never be released for non Chapter activities. The Secretary shall serve on the Membership Committee and the Community Service / Public Relations Committee.

  4. Treasurer

    The Treasurer shall be responsible for insuring that disbursements are made in accordance with accepted accounting principles; shall be responsible for submitting a financial statement at each board meeting; shall submit an annual financial report to The Board; and forward a copy of same to the Alumni Office.

    The Treasurer shall serve as a member of the Fund Raising Committee and the Programs Committee.

  5. Immediate Past-President

The Immediate Past-President shall act as role of tie breaker, if need be, in matters requiring a vote by The Executive Board. If the position of Immediate Past-President becomes vacant, The Board shall select a replacement. This person must be a Past-President in good standing with The Chapter.

Section 2: Duties of the Board

  1. Membership on the Board is open to all current members of The Chapter.
  2. The Board is the legislature of The Chapter and is empowered to debate local policy consistent with the program set forth by the Alumni Association. The Board is empowered to nominate individuals for the annual elections for the Executive Board, assess annual dues, and fill midterm vacancies should they arise.
  3. An Executive Board, consisting of the Officers and Committee Chairmen, shall be established. The Executive Board shall vote on all matters debated by the Board which affect financial matters, Chapter policy, and amendments to this Constitution.
  4. The Board shall hold a minimum of four (4) four meetings each year and other meetings as deemed necessary by The President; or upon petition, bearing the signature of at least one-third of the members of The Board. A petition calling for a meeting shall state the specific purpose for holding such a meeting and the President shall call such meeting within seven days and shall hold such meeting within fourteen days of receipt of said petition. The location and time of Chapter meetings is to be discussed and agreed upon by The Board.
  5. Attendance of more than one half of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum.
  6. Executive Board Members shall attend all meetings of The Board. Two excused absences approved by The President are allowed; additional absences require approval by The Board. More than one unapproved absence from Board meetings within a year is grounds for removal from The Board. It is the responsibility of each Board member to stay current on meeting dates, times, and locations, or in the case of absence from a meeting, confirm future meeting dates, times, and locations with The Secretary or another officer.


Section 1: Committees

The following Committees shall be established to assist the Officers in fulfilling the mission of The Chapter:

  1. Membership
  2. Programs
  3. Community Service / Public Relations
  4. Fund Raising

Ad hoc committees established by The President shall be appointed from the voting members of the board. Each committee shall consist of at least three members. The President and President-Elect shall serve as ex officio members of all committees. The chairperson of each committee shall be elected by the members of the committee at the first board meeting following the election of officers.

Section 2: Functions of Committees

The function of the committees will be those set forth below and such additional functions as assigned and agreed upon by The Board.

(a) Membership

The Membership Chair shall maintain complete records of the active members of The Chapter, and the list of all current Alumni Association members in the greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area (the "Alumni Association List") which shall be obtained from The Alumni Office. The Membership Chair shall use the Alumni Association List only for Chapter and Alumni Association purposes and shall not, under any circumstances release the Alumni Association List for any reason not directly related to Chapter or Alumni Association activities. The Secretary shall serve on the Membership Committee.

(b) Programs

The Program Committee shall propose an annual schedule of Chapter activities which shall be presented for The Board's approval no later than November 30. The committee shall assure that the schedule of activities consists of well-rounded events. The Treasurer shall serve on the Programs Committee.

(c) Community Service / Public Relations

This Committee shall work as a liaison between The Chapter and non-profit community service organizations for the purpose of providing Chapter members an opportunity to assist in community projects. In addition, this committee shall publish a Chapter Newsletter promoting the achievements of The Chapter and a schedule of upcoming Chapter events. The Secretary shall serve on the Community Service / Public Relations Committee.

(d) Fund Raising

The Fund Raising Committee shall develop a plan for procuring funds for the Chapter to operate through the upcoming year. This committee shall also be responsible for procuring merchandise for The Chapter Store, and overseeing weekly raffles. They shall work with The Treasurer to ensure that expenditures are made in accordance with the available resources of The Chapter. The Treasurer shall serve on the Fund Raising Committee.


Special Chapter Meetings and Other Chapter Activities

The President shall call special Chapter meetings and/or activities that are not included in The Chapter's annual schedule that The President or The Board deem necessary to carry out the purposes of The Chapter.


Section 1: Adoption

This constitution shall be officially adopted upon its approval by the majority vote of members of The Chapter in attendance at any regular or special meeting of The Board. It shall take effect upon the granting of a charter by the executive board of the Alumni Association, authorizing its functioning as one of the official Penn State Chapters.

Section 2: Amendment

This constitution may be amended by a simple majority vote of all Executive Board Members of The Penn State Alumni Association Greater Phoenix Chapter present at any duly called meeting of the Board. No amendments shall take effect until duly approved by this Executive Board.



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